The Relation Between Rain and Traffic Jams & How Can You Deal with It

The Relation Between Rain and Traffic Jams & How Can You Deal with It


The Relation Between Rain and Traffic Jams & How Can You Deal with It

How many times were you driving smoothly and peacefully on a road or autostrada, and out of the blue, it started to rain, and voila, traffic, crowded cars, and jam!

Why does this happen every single time… What is the weird connection between traffic jams and rain?!

How can you deal with it and are there any tips or tricks to follow for a safer drive in the rain?

Well, the relation between rain and traffic is proportional. And today we’re going to know why and how rain affects traffic, how to prepare your car & self for rainy days, and more.

Why Does Rain Affect Traffic?

It’s as obvious and simple as this, when it’s raining, roads become wet and slippy, so cars will need to move slower than usual to avoid any hydroplaning, and therefore an accident, or you’ll need to sell your car.

Because yes, rain can lead to an accident, for drivers can’t have full control of their cars when it’s raining out there, and the risk of a wrong turn will significantly increase.

So what happens?

When cars are moving slowly, more traffic will accumulate, and this will quickly create jams on every road in the city.

Not to mention that rain blocks front vision from you, covers potholes, and open drainage system which makes cars want to drive on the safer side of the road to save themselves instantly if anything went wrong, and this will, of course, cause more jam.

How to Avoid Traffic Jams on Rainy Days?

When it’s raining, you are in front of two options:

You are either already driving.

Or you’re at home but you need to go out.

So depending on that, this is how to avoid traffic on rainy days:

If you’re already driving: Turn the radio on, it will pretty much help you knowing where the most traffic is, and you can take an alternative road, and avoid crowded ones.

If you’re home: Watch the weather forecast cause knowing what will happen will certainly help you act right. To go out, to wait (postpone your plans), or just to cancel them. This will surely save you time, hassle, and energy.

How to Prepare Your Car for Rainy Days?

Preparing your car for rainy months is critical, especially if you live in a place where rain doesn’t stop the whole season. So you’ll need some preparations to always keep the car in a good condition and to maintain the value of your car.

So what you can do is:

Coat the car with an anti-rust underbody

Cover it with a ceramic coating

And check:

Windshield wipers





And any other thing you feel it’s not working properly.

Does Rain Cause Car Accidents? And How?

Yes, rain causes car accidents, and the reason is poor visibility caused by raindrops on your front glass, plus the splashing water from other cars that will block visibility even more.

Additionally, the temperature inside the car vs the temperature outside the car will create fog on the front glass and you’ll find yourself blurting which decreases visibility even more.

Not to mention the wind that can carry dust, debris, and more, and blow it in front of the car, so it’ll be extremely hard to see.

What you can do is to turn the windshields on, and also the defogger to have clearer visibility and decrease the risk of having a car accident.

Tips & Tricks for Driving in Rainy Days

Even if you are a good driver, that does not mean you have the experience or skill to have full control over your car when it’s raining, especially if you live in a place where it does not rain much or does not rain at all. Which explains why there are more accidents when it rains in dry areas.

Keep an eye on your speed, you can drive neither slow nor too fast, cause driving too fast will make the car slip, and if you drive really slow, the cars behind you might hit you.

Leave a space between you and other cars in front of you.

Turn the headlights on.

Use windshield wipers, they are there for a reason.

Do not brake heavily, you don’t want to end up with a broken car.

Aggressive drivers don’t understand the risk of not being so careful when driving in heavy rain which can lead to disasters, so don’t be like them for the sake of your safety and the other people’s and cars’ safety.

Bad news for those who love winter, and rain, rain can be a serious and deadly cause of car accidents, it’s worse than snow, so don’t get excited to take a car drive when it’s raining

outside, just urgent drives and so on, drive carefully, and stay safe.


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