4 Trends Revolutionizing The Online Casino Experience

4 Trends Revolutionizing The Online Casino Experience

Online casino players have much to look forward to with the market’s projected growth. By the end of the decade, the online casino market is expected to be valued at $153 billion. Among many factors, emerging technologies are a major contributor to the rapid development of online casinos. We list four prominent trends that are currently revolutionizing the online casino experience.

Cryptocurrency and the blockchain

By using cryptocurrency for poker-related transactions players can benefit from inexpensive deposits and access faster cash-out processes. When it comes to withdrawals, limits and fees are also fairly low. These benefits of cryptocurrency could help legalize online poker across various US states. This is because banks do not play a part in cryptocurrency transactions. Using crypto payments in online casinos is thus considered a legal process. Additionally, virtual currencies are now generally perceived as a great investment, with even major companies like Tesla investing in it. As online poker becomes more associated with cryptocurrency’s positive reputation, then the consensus on the former will improve.

Big Data

Like other industries, the casino market is benefiting from modern capacities for massive data collection and evaluation. Data collected from a platform’s players–what their usual play is, what games they prefer, and how often they make risky moves– can help players choose the best strategies to use. Moreover, casinos can use Big Data for precise and accurate target marketing that can give you a more personalized experience of their platform. Major casinos like Aria Resort & Casino, SaskGaming corporation, and GClub use data from user activity like comments, clicks, and plays to customize slot game machines and recommend more relevant games. This data also helps casinos determine which games they should keep in their library and which ones they should replace with more in-demand titles.

Artificial intelligence

AI can also be an educational tool that can help sharpen any casino player’s strategic thinking and decision-making skills. This is especially true when it comes to games like roulette, blackjack, and poker. Revered professional poker player Daniel Negreanu even remarked that AI can help beginners learn faster. Poker AI software like DeepStack and Offline Poker AI hone the skills of beginners and professionals alike by putting them against a professional-level computer player. For AI to be this proficient, our explainer discusses that web data is used to drive AI learning. Particularly through “Solo Learning”, AI software is set up to acquire knowledge from Big Data–articles, YouTube videos of hand analyses, or online breakdowns of high-stakes matches–rather than manually-curated information.

Cheating and cybersecurity

Casinos have long struggled with financial loss due to fraud and cheating incidences, as well as cyber attacks on their online servers. Today, modern technological tools like AI and Big Data allow casinos to better reinforce their cybersecurity systems. The best cybersecurity tools out there can help casinos detect suspicious activity–like card counting or hand mucking–from collected user data. Because this data includes personally identifiable information, casinos can even track the addresses of those that cheat or commit fraud. Other than detection tools, some online casinos also require multi-factor authentication to protect accounts from hackers.

Online casinos are evolving at a rapid pace. With the above technological trends–and those that will undoubtedly be introduced as time goes on–the online casino experience will only become more enjoyable for the average player.


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