Pandemic Thunderstorm Struck Economy – OUTREACH Enterprise Rises As A Cloud Suite With Silver Lining

Pandemic Thunderstorm Struck Economy – OUTREACH Enterprise Rises As A Cloud Suite With Silver Lining

Since decades human force has been in exchange of goods either through barter system or through currency. The exchange of materials brought into existence a relation apart family relation built on trust that was between a buyer and seller. Shop to shop purchase and sale legacy since years got highly struck in 2019 coz of virus that spread its roots globally. A sudden surge of infection has already left our country stand on the verge of third wave. Weekend curfews, night curfews and disciplined opening and closing time of limited stores have already created a warning alarm for retail and sales industry. Retailers are automatically getting cautious with any such inventory that can be a mere waste for them in upcoming months as per Retailers Association of India (RAI).

From roadside seller to multinational manufacturers and suppliers have been forced globally to change their approach to regain to previous business positions. As the approach has been new so has been the system to manage sales and distribution. Where some applications are not trivial to understand and some are not that effective with outcome there is one management system that makes approach much more easy and exact.

OUTREACH Distributor Management Software and Distributor Management System works with accuracy in energising sales and distribution on both primary and secondary sales with a tight integrated presence. Also this cloud based distribution management system limits exposure to the salespersons during the pandemic.

As the pandemic hardly seems to be coming to end anytime soon and bringing any rapid change in our lives, one quick thing that we can get is with the global approach in field of trade, development, marketing and retail. The Distribution Inventory Management Software tracks sales, orders, deliveries and inventory

levels along with Sales Force Automation Software to generate accurate sales forecasts and also make right decisions related to production and stock movement through various channels. 

Where every individual works on the principle of social distancing and avoiding physical office presence as far as possible, Outreach Enterprise Suite works to:-

  • Digitalize system of collections and claiming settlements
  • Gives a tech approach to run purchase and return of orders
  • Real-time notifications to various stake holders across sales and distribution touch-points about stock movement, orders, fulfilment and much more through web and mobile interfaces.
  • Allows Anytime, Anywhere access to operational reports directly on phone and laptop.

24×7 Retailer Order automation or  online order management through mobile app and digital order confirmation and status reports to different decision makers.


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