The Latest Tech Gadgets For 2023

The Latest Tech Gadgets For 2023

We live in a world of unbelievable innovation, smart devices and genius tools which can be carried on you at all the time. With all of these developments in technology come some unbelievably cool gadgets. These days, you are able to get everything from pocket-size projectors right down to shoes made of dandelions and are able to fly themselves.

However with so many cool gadgets out there at the moment, it can be challenging to track down the ones which you should actually purchase. To make your life a lot easier, we’ve hunted down and gathered our personal favourites all in one place.

Dyson Zone

The Dyson Zone may look like something that is straight out of a sci-fi movie however it’s actually a very real product. Merging a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, which come standard with custom-built drivers, as well as a removeable air purification system, the Dyson Zone is not like anything that we’ve ever seen before. 

You might think it looks silly, but we’d bet people living in cities will be keen to try them out to help deal with high levels of pollution. However for now, the Dyson Zone is only meant for select markets in the northern hemisphere in March, so we’re crossing fingers that we hear of availability in Australia in 2023.


This gadget is utilised for people who have trouble sleeping, which is quite a common phenomenon in 2022 thanks to a plethora of factors. With more than one million users, this the Dodow has become popular quickly, having already secured a position on Amazon where it is available at the moment.

Dodow was designed and inspired by a relaxation method that is called Sophrology. It works by leading users through a breathing method synchronising their breathing with a soft and blue light signal—causing a hypnotic effect and thereby calming one’s mind.

DJI Avata

First person view drones have indeed taken off recently. Giving you the ability you to put on a headset and fly a drone from a first person point of view, these distinctive devices are the closest that you can feel to flying like a bird.

DJI has launched its latest version of this technology which is known as the DJI Avata. It is constructed to be more durable and also ready for any unfortunate crashes. You are able to pilot it using a controller or a joystick which imitates the movements of your hand. Also, it comes with plenty of clever features such as the ability to use custom routes, follow a person or vehicle, and go back to the starting point if it gets too far away.

Steam Deck

If you love good entertainment like that offered at Grand Rush or other online sites, this one is for you. The Steam Deck is already a well-established gaming console, in the northern hemisphere, at least. Also it happens to be one of the best gaming devices available on the market and makes a strong case as an alternate to the best gaming laptops. 

It might seem a bit strange that we’re mentioning a product which was released in February 2022 on this list of technology we’re looking forward to in 2023. However, that’s because it still doesn’t ship to the southern hemisphere directly from Valve.


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