Hit The Streets Or The Track With These Driving Games

Hit The Streets Or The Track With These Driving Games

With so many options when picking a place to play online web games, how could you possibly know which one is the best? Well, if you’re looking for games that feature vehicles in some capacity, then the answer is easy: it’s Drifted.com. 

This website has a carefully curated collection of games that have all kinds of different gameplay mechanics and presentations, but always manage to include a car or other motorized vehicle. This collection is broken down into categories for the sake of organization, and one of those categories is Driving Games

If you’re looking for a web game centered around driving some kind of vehicle, then you’ve come to the right place. What follows is a small sample of the games that are available in Drifted.com’s driving games category. If any of them sound fun to you, you should go ahead and check them out on the site!

Destruction Driving Games

These games are all about causing destruction and mayhem. This includes games like Scrap Metal 6, which is an open-world game with all types of terrain that features a ton of cars, realistic physics, and accurate damage models for when your car crashes and rolls down hills. 

Car Crash Simulator Royale is another driving game all about destruction. This game tosses you into an arena with a bunch of other bloodthirsty cars and tasks you with being the last car standing. Awesome crash physics and a huge open map are some of the highlights of this game. 

City Driving Games

There’s something about driving through a city, with tall skyscrapers on either side of the road that is just magical. That’s the feeling these next games capture. City Car Stunt 4 is a city driving game set in a big city with a raised, precarious track. You’ll race other cars through these streets, which can be either AI bots or real players in the multiplayer mode. 

City Car Racer is an endless city driving game where you’ll need to avoid traffic as long as you can to stack up points. In a big city, everyone is trying to get somewhere, and you’re just trying to get there faster than everyone else. 

City Car Driving Simulator 3 is yet another city driving game.  This one is an open-world driving simulator where you will need to avoid the cops as you stunt and zip through the city streets.

2D driving Games

These last games ditch the advanced 3D presentations of the other games on this list in favor of simpler art styles and 2D perspectives. The first game up is High Speed Chase 2. This top-down game puts you behind the wheel of a fast car as an undercover cop who is hunting down criminal cars. To score points, you’ll need to do everything you can to catch up to them and ram them off the road. 

Another 2D driving game is Monsters’ Wheels Special.  This game is a side scrolling monster truck extravaganza where you will crush your opponents, collect coins, and try to make it to the end of each stage.


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